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Earlier this month I was invited to join the panel for “The Main Course O.G.” show  in on Heritage Radio Network with Heritage Foods USA’s Emily Pearson+ Patrick Martin’s amongst the panel. Had so much fun!   Link to play is just here:


heritage radio group w vegemite JUL2019.jpg

Who doesn’t love the gift of Vegemite?

Never one to turn up empty handed to a party, I brought some travel-friendly tubes of Vegemite for the panel.  No doubt would have been better listener experience if by TV but the on-air tastings were hilarious (for me!).  I suspect, Chef Jeremy Price will be adding #Vegemite to the menu at  Cecconi’s Dumbo in New York, any time soon though! 🤣

chef jeremy price in heritage radio studio JUL2019.jpgInside the studio with the coolest boar’s head overseeing recording, Sonya Comiskey, Nuffield Australia and Chef Jeremy Price, Cecconi’s Dumbo USA.

Thanks so much for the experience everyone!  I also spent some time with the panel afte the show which was enlightening.  Enjoyed my first New York pizza at Brooklyn’s iconic Roberta’s restaurant. Thanks for the good food and chat Chef Price.

For me it was very interesting to talk all things heritage foods with Patrick Martins – some similar issues to those we face here in Australia around truth in labelling, cold chain logistics, managing the challenge of carcase balance as a brand owner / distributor and most significantly, access to custom processing and packing services.

I truly believe we have a crisis in the Australian beef industry – not only with a critical shortfall in access to quality, export accredited service processors, but also in the lost opportunity for brands who area unable to come to market as a result of the current composition of processing capability, both in terms of geographic location and their core business (custom processors or otherwise).

Big thanks to Patrick for the gift of his book, “The Carnivore’s Manifesto”, which I devoured with gusto whilst waiting for dinner at the highly recommended, St. Anselm in Williamburg that night (after aperitifs at Spuyten Duyvil first, of course!).  I hadn’t been able to source it elsewhere and it was a great read.

carnivores manifesto Brooklyn JUL2019.jpg

For those playing at home, I’m drinking Renegade Wine Co 2016 Columbia Valley Red Blend (crackerjack drop!)

Later that week, I saw a terrific documentary-style piece put together by PBS TV Wyoming as part of their Farm to Fork Wyoming series.  This episode, entitled “Beef to Butcher” encapsulates the challenge faced by producer-led brands so effectively – I urge you to find the time to watch it – set aside about 30mins.

Jump on Twitter and tell me what you thought of it – tag me at @QSP73Z.   The issues they are dealing with there are largely the issues we are dealing with here – though throwing in the export opportunity that is more characteristic of our Australian industry that that of the USA.

Author: sonyasayshello

2018 Nuffield Australia Farming Scholar through the generous investment by Rabobank Australia. Studying producer-led branded beef, collaborative supply chains, provenance based marketing for premium niches and the potential value of Blockchain technology.

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