An oldie but a goodie… customers first

I am literally sitting here putting the finishing touches on my Nuffield Farming Scholarship report and thinking a lot about the mental shift from being a cattle producer to a beef producer and my natural tendency to think from the customer’s perspective backwards, retrofitting the business processes to the desired outcome or product rather than product first….  2017 scholar, Toby Bekkers also talks about customer-led design in his report about “What Can Agribusiness Learn from Luxury Brands?” and it really resonated with me.

Here’s a link to his 2018 Nuffield Australia national conference presentation for your viewing pleasure:

It got me to thinking about when I first started investing in a transition away from commodity production to producer-led branded beef.  The fabulous Fleur Anderson of Cahoots Radio fame (amongst other things!) and I sat down a few years ago to record an episode of her “Beating Around the Bush” podcast series and I recall already talking about this kind of thinking back then.

Thought it might be timely to share 🙂       It’s about 1/2 an hour long.  A huge number of things have changed since then, with my exit from Comiskey Beef and Born Country Baby mere months away in tandem with the launch of my own independent heritage beef brand.  The passion and the principles remain the same though!

Author: sonyasayshello

2018 Nuffield Australia Farming Scholar through the generous investment by Rabobank Australia. Studying producer-led branded beef, collaborative supply chains, provenance based marketing for premium niches and the potential value of Blockchain technology.

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