2019 Nuffield Australia Conference Presentation

The Business of Branded Beef

Well it was with a great deal of nerves and anxiety… and now I am pleased to have completed my presentation “The Business of Branded Beef” at the 2019 Nuffield Australia national conference held in Brisbane, Australia during September.

Here’s a link to my presentation where I tried to sum up, in a short duration, the key things I learned from successful producer-led brands about collaborative value chains, the use of provenance in attaining a premium and the opportunity for adoption of distributed ledger technology.

My report should be out soon – will share once available… I think I have a lot more I’d like to say about things I think we need to change in industry, especially to address the gap in service processing capability.  Will publish here in due course.   Right now, I’m busy adopting many of the initiatives I discovered during my scholarship for my own business and learning on the go – watch this space.

Author: sonyasayshello

2018 Nuffield Australia Farming Scholar through the generous investment by Rabobank Australia. Studying producer-led branded beef, collaborative supply chains, provenance based marketing for premium niches and the potential value of Blockchain technology.

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